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Testimonials 評語

Past clients' comments on Jasper


"...Jasper works on our behalf, and will always be in our shoes and think what would be best to us..... We are extremely satisfied...."


Kinson Lai

"....his dedication and willingness to succeed, along with upholding the customer's expectation's in mind, have surely made Jasper a very experienced and integrity based realtor. "
~ Dennis Trang

" .From the start of the process, it was clear that his expertise in this field is unparalleled....... His negotiation skills and communication style is focused and effective..."
~ Robert Auffray

"...........房子的事情找他沒錯, 他辦事, 您放心!"
~ Joanne Li

"Jasper was attentive to detail, extremely responsive to issues and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend your services ! "
~ Lynette DuJohn

".......thank you for your professional advices, your clear explanations of the whole sale process, your exceptional sense of the market, and your professional marketing of my unit........In this dead slow market, I could never expect the townhouse could be sold that quickly, without your help and your expertise, I would have my unit sold this quickly and I am wholeheartedly satisfied with the sold price."
~ Calvin Kam

"Jasper was able to sell our home within a month of listing and he got us the sale price that we wanted as well. He also found us our new home and helped us negotiate down to the purchase price we were happy to pay. We were glad that we relied on Jasper’s expertise during both the sale and purchase negotiations as Jasper was very knowledgeable and advised us based on a clear understanding of our priorities.We will definitely recommend Jasper to everyone we know!"
~ Ruby and Jeff

" I am so fortunate to have Jasper's expert professionalism in a speedy and smooth sale.. Jasper 's caring attitude is much admired also. ..No hesitation in recommending Jasper's service to relatives and friends..."
~ Anna Wong

"Mr. Yung Acted diligently in his duties....with the utmost professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility... ...communicated with me fairly, honestly and respectfully throughout the process...... I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Yung's professional services to any potential buyers and sellers."
~ Ken Wun

"Jasper Works on our behalf, and will always be in our shoes and think what would be best for us........ We are extremely satisfied and glad that we had Jasper to complete our 2 Transactions."
~ Kinson Lai

" Our experience has demonstrated that Jasper is an exeptional agent with a keen understanding of what it takes to get a deal done"
~ Mr. Wilford Vacheresse

~ 宛先生

"I found Jasper's intuitive and "customer-caring" attitude very positve and help. As a result, all my transactions turned out to be very profitable."
~ Mr. Yalcin Ilsever M.B.A. C.G.A

"Jasper was helpful and attentive to our needs in the selling , as well as the buying end."
~ J. Derewenko

"Although we personally know many agents, we chose Jasper as our agent becuase we are aware he works very hard for his clients."
~ Norman & Estelle Parks

"WE know Jasper worked very hard to bring about this sale and to get the best possible price for us."
~ Jack and Sanny Nishi

"Jasper cares and thinks of his clients welfare first, before other people's interest including his. MAXIMUM SATISFACTION!
~ Lito and Rachel Cardenas

"Jasper helped us to close a deal that we did not even expected. For sure, we will recommend Jasper to our friends."
~ Deqin Zhan

"Jasper is very knowledgeable, professional and personable. I would highly recommend Jasper to anyone."
~ Mr. Henry Troung